Quality Componentry used in all Lounges, Modulars & Recliners

What materials are used in your lounges?
All our lounges are handmade, using only all new materials. Below is a list of each major section of a lounge, and what is used:

The major parts of the frame are solid hardwood that has been braced, nailed and glued for extra strength. Shaped areas, such as arms and kick boards use strong plywood. Recliner chairs feature a quality steel mechanism, capable of supporting a body weight of upto 110Kg's.

Foundation, Suspension, and Cushions
The lounge will, depending on the model, feature a quality foam seat cushion, supported by quality steel springs and webbing. Back Cushions are packed with pre-weighted A grade Dacron (polyester fibres) or foam.

Cover – Fabric – 3 choices

Comfy Suede is strong and durable, and is composed of 100% Polyester, attached to a strong backing. It is low maintenance, and is rated heavy domestic.

Rhinosuede has a comfort layer of foam that gives it a very plush feel, making it ideal for soft cushioned suites, and has a “hide” effect embossed on the surface.

Comfy Weave provides a great alternative to the market dominated “Suedes.” It is soft to touch, and is attached to a strong backing.

Cover – Leather

All seating leather used is Real, Genuine First grade Corrected Top Grain Cow leather, which gives the best balance between comfort and durability. Corrected leathers reduce the likely hood of imperfections such as scars resulting in a more uniform grain, and are the best type of leather for everyday use. The sides and backs use a genuine pigment coated Cow Leather on Full Leather lounges, or for Leather Where it counts a strong synthetic leather trim is used.

What is the difference between Leather Where it counts, and Full 100% Leather?

  Example of Leather Where it counts:

Leather Where it counts represents the absolute best value for money. The same Real, genuine First grade Corrected Top Grain Cow leather is used on the seat, back and arm cushions, while a strong man made trim is used on the sides, back, and footrest of the lounge (see example to the right).
The sides and the backs take a lot of leather to cover, which adds significantly to the price, but serves no purpose, other than covering the frame.
All of our European customers only buy this option as they realise leather on the sides serves no real purpose other than increasing the price.

Full 100% Leather as the name implies is leather all over. All seating leather used is Real, genuine First grade Corrected Top Grain Cow leather, which is the best leather for everyday use. The sides and backs use a genuine pigment coated Cow Leather. So, on the diagram to the right, on a Full Leather lounge, the blue arrows are also leather.

Want to read more about Leather?

International Council Of Tanners Definition of Leather: A general term for a hide or skin with its original fibrous structure more or less intact, tanned to be imputrescible. The hair or wool may or may not have been removed. Leather is also made from a hide or skin which has been split into layers or segmented either before or after tanning, but if the tanned hide or skin is disintegrated mechanically and/or chemically into fibrous particles, small pieces or powders and then with or without the combination of a binding agent is made into sheets or other forms, such sheets or forms are not leather. If the leather has a surface coating, this surface layer, however applied, must not be thicker than 0.15mm.
Sourced from International Council of Tanners (ICT) - Code of practice on the appropriate
designation of leather used in upholstery and automotive applications. www.leathercouncil.org