office: 02 9726 9010 showroom: 02 9728 3276
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Visit our Showroom
Unit 32, 85-115 Alfred Road, Chipping Norton,NSW
Open 6 Days
Weekdays:9am to 5pm, Saturday:9am to 3pm,Sunday:CLOSED
OFFICE: 02 9726 9010    SHOWROOM: 02 9728 3276
Visit our Showroom
Unit 32, 85-115 Alfred Road, Chipping Norton,NSW
Open 6 Days
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm,
Saturday:9am to 3pm,
OFFICE: 02 9726 9010
SHOWROOM: 02 9728 3276

How can our prices be so low?

Are your prices real? What’s the catch?

Our prices are real and there is no catch. Our prices are low because you are not paying commissions for middle men, nor retail margins. In a recent segment on a national current affairs program, it was stated that Furniture retailers on average have a 76% markup on their products. Mattress retailers typically markup between 100-200%, hence the reason why they can have a 50% off sale, or offer a king size for the price of a single, and still be in business.

Economically, times are tough, but we still like to have new things, so why would you pay more? All our products are Brand New, Factory Firsts (not seconds), and the quality is the same, if not better than those seen in most retailers. For example - our lounges are available in 3 price ranges:

Fabric - tens of colours. Warwick Fabrics are available as another option.

Leather Where it counts - means all resting/seating areas are soft Genuine Cow Leather, while the sides and back is Leather Look, 

Full Leather - all areas are soft Genuine Cow Leather.

Full Thick Leather- all areas are extra Thick Genuine Cow Leather.

All prices on our website include GST, and are available for any member of the public. We do not charge any hidden fees for payment by Visa or Mastercard.